We are not dithery little fûckers…

…or rather we are but it doesn’t matter in this instance. On Monday we finally got in touch with the neurologist who emailed straight back saying he’d start arranging the Adventure right away. There’s still a lot to sort out so it’s probably some way off as yet: the provisional date is during the last week of March, and an overnight stay. He would like me to include consultations with a couple of other experts while I’m there, which in my opinion shows a huge degree of optimism about my ability to cope with this enterprise, but they are good doctors. Maybe I can check into a nearby hotel for a week or two – I deserve a holiday – and be ferried in to appointments at intervals. Anyway. Watch this space for more unmissable information about my feelings now that I know that it really is going to happen.


3 thoughts on “We are not dithery little fûckers…

  1. I imagine you being ferried back and forth on a litter with pink and purple hangings. Velvet, I believe.
    Accompanied by Skittles.

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